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A) Open to members and non-members of the Oberhasli Breeders of America only.

B) Nominees must be registered American or purebred Oberhasli does or bucks with legible tattoos. Experimental and Grade Oberhasli are now included in our program, provided they are at least 50% Oberhasli and conform to Oberhasli breed standard (as indicated on their registration papers). They will be judged separately.

C) Strictly a “beauty contest” –

1) conformation and show wins are the only things considered.

2) no DHIR or appraisal scores will be submitted.

3) winners will be chosen by a licensed ADGA judge based on the photos and show information submitted.

D) Judge will not be told the identity of the nominees –

1) all nomination applications will be sent to the coordinator.

2) pedigree, owner and breeder information will be removed before judging. Show placings and photos will be coded and separated, then sent to the

judge.When winners are chosen and returned to the coordinator, they will be matched with the pedigree information, and the names and picture of

the winners will be sent to the DGJ and UCN for publication in the Oberhasli issues. Last year’s All American winners will appear in this year’s publications.

3) owner must provide a stamped, self addressed envelope for return of the photos.

E) Show wins must be from the current year –

1) do not include wins from previous years if you are nominating an older animal. 2) nominees must have won at least one of the following:a) first place in an

individual classb) grand or reserve grand championc) challenge winner (best of breed)d) senior or reserve senior champion) junior or reserve junior champion)

second place in a class where 10 or more Oberhasli were exhibited) at least one of the above must have been won in the age group for which you are applying.

F) Certain requirements are necessary for the pictures you are submitting –

1) four views to include: profile/side view; rear/top - rump to withers; rear - udder and legs; front view - head, chest, legs.

2) no people, ribbons or trophies in the picture: only the posed animal

3) have goat in show condition, neatly trimmed and clean

G) Age groups for nominees –

See application for specifics.

For questions regarding the All-American program, contact the current Chair, Kirt Schnipke:

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