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Application to Join OBA for new and renewing members (choose one below):

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Why join the OBA? That is a good question. This will explain what the OBA is about.

What is the OBA? The initials stand for the Oberhasli Breeders of America, a club formed for the promotion and the perpetuation of a unique dairy breed of Swiss origin. Before explaining about the organization, you will have to know something about the Oberhasli breed. Like many others, it originated in a particular section of the Swiss Alps named Oberhasli-Brienzersee from whence came the name. It could just be called another color breed but it goes way beyond just a pretty coat. This breed, in modern times, has come a long way from its original imports touching US soil in the 1930’s. The Oberhasli has improved on conformation, milk production, butterfat and udder strength without loosing the mellow temperament and consistency in the face of adverse conditions. On average this breed produces in the mid-range with a good butterfat and protein, not huge volumes like the Saanen or over rich like the Nubians – just a great middle range most ideally suited to the home producer. Their smaller size on average makes them easier for women and children to handle and obviously their mellow temperament makes them a joy to have in any herd. The scarcity of numbers experienced in the early years has been overcome for the most part, except in the purebreds, but even those are gaining some ground slowly. The greatest concentration seems to be on the East and West Coasts, followed by the Northern and Southern Borders. They are beginning to show up more in the Midwestern States in the past few years as their popularity has gained ground.

Okay, back to the original question, WHY JOIN THE OBA? WHY NOT? The OBA is the founding Oberhasli Breed Club by recognized by ADGA and AGS. As members you would hold the unique position to be on the front lines when it comes to making decisions about your breed and what direction it should move in Future Years. As a member in the OBA, you have a voice in the decision making process. It was dedicated OBA members that pushed for separation from the Oberhasli Herd Books from the Alpine Breeds as so many of the Swiss were being lost in the upgrading process in the earlier years. It was the OBA members who pushed for inclusion to be in the National Show as the sixth officially recognized dairy goat breed of ADGA. Many take advantage of the OBA efforts but rarely does a single effort create such long-term results as when a whole group speaks up as one voice in a united effort.

In addition to the history behind the OBA, a member is also eligible to enter their Obies into the various programs run by the OBA during the year. The All-American is geared toward the show enthusiasts while the Swiss Belles are aimed at the high production does and their sires. Each is aimed at recognizing our best and brightest representatives with in our Oberhasli Breed. We have distinct sanctions for Specialty shows within a show year as well as provide certificates and rosettes for each. We also publish a Newsletter five times a year as part of your membership dues, which keep the members current on topics of interest and any upcoming changes in policy or procedure. All contributions are accepted, and many times, the questions that you have are answered by others who have experienced your situation before.

Last but certainly the most important part is the warm feeling of being one of a group with a common goal of promoting the Oberhasli Breed before personal issues. It is call camaraderie, a feeling of being wanted and needed by others. The feeling that your opinion counts for something and makes a difference!!!

Become a Member

You are invited to join the Oberhasli Breeders Of America. Membership is only $12 per year *(annual membership is from Nov 1st – Oct 31st each year).

Oberhasli Breeders of America annual membership benefits include:

  • - 5 issues per year of the outstanding, content-rich *Oberhasli Swiss Newsletter

  • - *Eligibility for participation in OBA Recognition Programs including:-

-Swiss Belle (Production)

- All-American (Show)

- Premier Youth Award

  • – A Voice in the Official breed club of the Oberhasli breed including:

  • - Full voting rights for all general elections & club business

  • - Access to the members-only OBA Yahoo! Newsgroup – the premier newsgroup to interact with fellow breeders

  • – Ability to promote your herd, goat products or services:

  • - Advertise your herd, goat products or services in the *Oberhasli Swiss Newsletter*.

  • There are several different options available, including: full color, ½ page ads & classifieds.

  • - Become listed in the *Oberhasli Breeder’s Directory* – available online at – our Club’s website which receives 100,000 hits per year!

  • - Increase your herd’s visibility in the marketplace!

  • What a better way of getting seen by people specifically searching for Oberhasli?

Join OBA today!

Come Join Our Oberhasli Breeders Of America Family!

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