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The Oberhasli Breeders of America has been around for over 35 years and is the founding association for the Oberhasli breed. What better way for your club to spotlight the Oberhasli breed than a Specialty from the original founding association? OBA is proud of its traditions and its part in the growth of the Oberhasli breed.

With your OBA Specialty, you have the opportunity to promote not only your show but the breeders themselves by the exposure they will be receiving from our website and newsletter.A Specialty is a show within a show but with promotional group classes. Nothing advertises your herd better than a lovely string of Get of Sire or Produce of Dam.

Special rosettes and certificates will be sent with your Specialty acceptance. Join OBA in its efforts to advance the beautiful Oberhasli and apply for one of our district Specialties.

Choose an Option Below:

The buttons below are for the traditional Specialty Shows. To host a Specialty in your district, click on the Guidelines and Application buttons for more info.

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